PBA was established in 1999, growing out of Barefoot, Brades & Fanning, which in turn traced its history back through successive principals to 1875, when Henry Bishopp opened a practice in Ipswich.

Most of PBAs work nowadays is residential, ranging from small rear extensions to listed building refurbishments to new-build houses and flats, and in value from 25,000 or less up to 1 million and more.  Other work in the last ten years has included hospital extension and modernisation schemes (some with Grade I and II listed buildings), a sculpture studio at an art school, and shops and offices.

In design terms, PBA aims for what is simple and direct in ways that allow depth and subtlety to be discovered over time.

Peter Brades himself has had many years experience in practice and has taught and written on architecture and visual art.  He is a council member and formerly chair of the Abbey Awards and Abbey Harris Fund, which support painters and muralists.

Peter Brades is happy to have an initial meeting to discuss any project, without cost or commitment.

PBA is a member of the RIBA Chartered Practice Scheme.